Rbs test | Random plasma glucose

Rbs test

RBS test full name is Random Blood Sugar. Random plasma glucose is silent killer. So need glucose testing and know normal range blood sugar.

Most of us understand the importance of a normal blood glucose level.  If our blood glucose level goes very low we might become unconscious. If our blood glucose level goes very high we develop a problem called diabetes.

Rbs test

Now diabetes is serious: It can cause damage to the larger blood vessels in our body. So diabetic patients have a very high incidence of heart attack, stroke as well as amputation. But diabetes can also cause problems to the very small blood vessels in the body. So called microvascular problems, resulting in damage to the retina.

Diabetics have a high instance of blindness – it can also cause problems with the very small blood vessels supplying the kidney. So diabetics have a high incidence of kidney failure. Now what exactly is a normal random plasma glucose?

Rbs test

Well to put it in terms that most people can understand including myself. Rbs test is very important for good health. I have here a container with five litres of water within it and the reason. I’ve chosen five litres is because the average person has about five litres of blood circulating aroundthe body. I have also a container of glucose.

A white crystalline powder and you might be surprised to know that the amount of glucose. That I would need to add to this container to give a similar concentration of glucose in my blood is only one teaspoon. It’s about 4.5 grams. So here’s the glucose and if I add that to this container the concentration in there is approximately. The same as the blood glucose level in my blood right now,talking to you. So every man should do Rbs test.

Random plasma glucose

Now, if I were to add another teaspoonful the concentration of glucose. Now in this water is that of a diabetic. So as you can see,  the blood glucose level is very tightly controlled. And the difference between a normal blood glucose. And that of a diabetic person is only an additional one tea spoonful of glucose –  quite surprising really.

So how do we maintain normal blood glucose levels during the course of the day? Well many people are advised to eat small frequent meals throughout the day.Consisting or having as part of that meal or snack. A complex carbohydrate which releases glucose very slowly into the blood stream.

However, more recently, many experts have challenged this view. And I’m of the view, as well, that we don’t actually need frequent meals, containing complex carbohydrates.  In fact Professor Tim Noakes in his excellent book .The real Meal Revolution” has suggested that actually there’s no requirement for us to eat carbohydrates at all and certainly the liver has an amazing ability to manufacture glucose should it be required.

Certainly for people with type 2 diabetes, in which the main problem is too much glucose in the blood stream. Many experts and myself included believe that the way to tackle this issue. Is to eat meals which have a restricted amount of carbohydrate with in them.  Because all carbohydrates when they’re eaten are digested. And they have to enter the blood stream as glucose. And, as you can see, it doesn’t take very much glucose entering. The blood stream to turn a normal blood glucose level into that of a diabetic.

Rbs test


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