Monk RO career, where to level up rapidly, includes tactics for playing good games,

presenting areas to level up quickly for Ragnarok Online, particularly for all professions here.

New update for 2023, new job, Inquisitor of Class 4, and new member!

First, you must have a Sura level of 200 and a Job level of 70. Class 4 will be updated on the live server shortly. However, if somebody cannot wait The leveling pace of this class is proportional to its ability to play on NovaRO’s Private Server first. Sura is Inquisitor, which per the system’s definition refers to “a member of an old Spanish court with a reputation for brutality.” Trait Status, the new system for Class 4, is distinct from the previous Status system. Who desires to feel what it is like? As suggested, you may go play at NovaRO before anything else. Alternatively, you can visit RO GNJOY for further details.

suggested career path Ragnarok strikes fiercely and swiftly; it must be Monk

If discussing a career that strikes hard The fastest-growing profession in the Ragnarok Online game, the Monk profession is a popular choice. Adjust the Size Penalty of knuckle weapons from 100/75/50 to 100/100/75, making the employment of knuckle weapons even more advantageous. Used with the Guillotine Fist ultimate ability boost. If six or more balls enhance their harm by one hundred percent, Sura, the monk’s target, can hit harder. Reduced the duration of debuffs from 10 to 3 seconds. The attacks will continue with the greatest intensity possible until a large number of players join the party.

How has the Monk profession evolved in the RO game?

To change the profession to Monk and become Sura for Class 3 in the game, the following changes must be made.

Novice Job 10 > Acolyte Job 40 to 50 > Monk Lv.99 (Advent) > Novice Job 10. Hi-Novice Job 10 > Hi-Acolyte Job 40-50 > Champion Lv.99 Job 50-70 > Champion Lv.99 Job 50-70 > Sura

How to level up a Crusader is recommended reading; level up to Speed within 5 hours.

Where is the greatest spot to level a Monk from 1 to 99?

When switching professions Collecting Monk’s level may be obtained from the following creatures on the following maps: Guarantee that the level will increase rapidly.

Level 1-10

Outside of the beginning city, complete tasks in the Academy Fabre, Poring, Willow, and Pupa.

Level 10-20

Thief Bug in a pipe dungeon beside Prontera.

Payon City is to the right of Spore.

Boa falls two maps beneath Payon City.

During this time, the suggested Dexterity value is 40.

Level 20-30

Monsters in Ant Hell or Ant Cave

Elder Willow 2 is located just to the right of Payon City.

Poison Spore From Geffen, travel one map to the right and one map up.

During this time period, the suggested stats are Dex 40 Agi 27.

Level 30-40

Orc Warrior and Orc Lady are located in the Orc Village. Enter the Prontera City portal leading to the Orc Dungeon.

Wolf exits Payon City one map to the left and one map below.

Myst Case on the second level of Al De Baran Byalan enters the portal from the Port of Izlude.

Dex 40 and Agi 46 are ideal stats during this time period.

Recommend reading: How to level up Knight Agi in four hours using a rocket.

Level 40-60

Grove, take the Comodo City exit, and go two maps to the right.

Orc Zombie is in Orc Village. Enter the home via the warp

Metaller exits Morroc, then travels two maps down and one map left.

Mummy is located on the third level of the pyramid.

During this time, the advised stats are Dex 40 Agi 78.

Level 60-70

Sidewinder: Exit Geffen, teleport to the mine, and proceed right 1 map.

Byalan Level 5 Avoid the Swordfish’s Water Ball.

Requiem, Zerom, on the second floor of the Sphinx.

Dex 40 Agi 90 are ideal stats throughout this time span.

Level 70-80

Porcellio is located below Einbroch.

Holden is found near the city of Einbroch on the ein fild06 map.

The Evil Druid teleports to Glast Heim while following the Navigator.

The Clock located on the second level of Al De Baran.

Dex 40 Agi 90 Str 44 are the optimal stats at this time.

Level 80-90

Prisoner map floors 1-2 in Glast Heim.

Petite (Ground) (Ground) Exit Geffen, proceed left 2 maps, then ascend 1 map.

The Alarm is in the Al De Baran Clock Tower.

Anubis is present at Sphinx Level 5 where Pasana is located.

During this period, it is advised to have the following stats: Dex 40 Agi 90 Str 60 Int 30.

Level 90-99

The Desert Wolf stands in front of the entrance to the Ice Dungeon.

Dark Priest Go to Glast Heim and continue using the Navigator.

Lori Ruri at Nifheim

Anolian may be found in the aqueduct of Glast Heim.

At this level, the recommended attribute values are Dex 50, Agi 90, Str 80, Int 30, and Vit 30.

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