History of the Aussie Millions Poker Championship

2020 oriental-prosperity will check the 23rd year of the biggest poker competition in the Southern Hemisphere. While the name has changed throughout the long term, the competition is what could be compared to the World Series of Poker.

The competition is presently called the Aussie Millions Poker Championship (or just Aussie Millions) yet has been referred to in the past as:

The Crown Australian Poker Championship
The Australian Poker Championship
The competition was the brainchild of the Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia as a method for advancing their (at that point) new poker rooms.
The competition picked up speed in 2005 when Joe Hachem ventured out to the City of Las Vegas and turned into the primary Aussie to win the Main Event of the World Series of Poker. The prevalence of gambling club poker gaming and Texas hold’em is frequently credited to Hachem, who’s considered among the best high-stakes cash game players in Australia.

Underneath, I’ll cover every one of the past versions of the occasion as we gear up for the 2020 Aussie Millions Poker Championship.

The 1998 Australian Poker Championship
The primary Australian Poker Championship was hung on July 26, 1998. It was a moderately little issue contrasted with future Aussie Millions occasions.

The competition comprised of a $1,000 competition purchase in. The game was a breaking point Texas hold’em competition.

The games, not at all like most competitions in poker gaming, just sat eight players for every table rather than the typical nine. This continues as before until the field is decreased to 36 players, so, all in all tables are six-given. This distinction would stay all through the long stretches of the competition as the tables at the Crown Melbourne are intended for eight players.

The occasion had 74 members and an award pool of 74,000 Australian dollars (about USD $53,000 at that point).

In spite of being the main competition of its sort in Australia, the occasion pulled in worldwide consideration. Players from Australia, the United States, Slovakia, and the United Kingdom took part.

Heaps of Money, Casino Poker Cards Spread Out

The occasion was won by Aussie local Alex Horowitz. The main three cash finishers were:

first Place: Alex Horowitz – $25,900
second Place: Ken Eastwood – $14,800
third Place: David Gorr – $7,400
The 1999 Australian Poker Championship
The second year of the occasion saw an undeniable expansion in members. The competition saw 109 purchase ins.

The game changed in 1999. The 1998 game was a breaking point Texas hold’em game, yet in 1999, it was changed as far as possible Texas hold’em.

The competition had a complete award pool of $109,000.

The primary spot champ was Milo Nadalin of Australia.

The main three cash finishers were:

first Place: Milo Nadalin – $38,150
second Place: Adam Haman – $21,800
third Place: Joe Meissner – $10,900
The 2000 Australian Poker Championship
The third yearly occasion saw more changes that were intended to increment interest in the occasion.

The game was changed to no-restriction Texas hold’em, and the up front investment was expanded from $1,000 to $1,500.

Regardless of the endeavor to expand the cooperation, it would require greater investment, as the quantity of purchase ins from the prior year remained something similar in 2000. That all out was 109.

The expansion in the up front investment did decisively expand the award pool. The absolute award pool in 2000 was $173,500.
The champ of the occasion was Australian Leo Boxell.

The main three finishers of the occasion and the awards they won were:

first Place: Leo Boxell – $65,225
second Place: Gerry Fitt – $32,700
third Place: Gary Benson – $16,350
2001 Australian Poker Championship
In the fourth portion of the Aussie Millions, the occasion saw no progressions without precedent for its set of experiences. The occasion occurred on August 24, 2001.

Poker Table with Casino Chips and Poker Cards, Gold Trophy, Stack of Money with Bills Flying Up

The game was no-restriction Texas hold’em. It saw 101 purchase ins (down somewhat from the earlier year).

With a complete award pool of $151,500, Australian Sam Korman claimed the top reward.

The last top three finishers were:

first Place: Sam Korman – $53,025
second Place: Eric Sclavos – $30,300
third Place: James Potter – $15,150
2002 Australian Poker Championship
Without precedent for the five-year history of the title, the Crown Melbourne moved the occasion from its conventional July/August spot to January.

The thinking behind this was to draw in a bigger global crowd. The coordinators got criticism that players felt that the World Series of Poker and the Australian Poker Championships were excessively near one another.

With the breakdown of Amarillo Slim’s Super Bowl of Poker 10 years prior, it left an opening in the late January/early February time span that hadn’t been filled by another competition.
The occasion was hung on January eleventh and twelfth, 2002.

With the date change came different changes as well. The up front investment for the occasion was raised to $5,000.

The ascent in the up front investment prompted less contenders. Just 66 individuals sought the record prize pool of $330,000.

The competition was won by Australian John Maver.

The main three finishers were:

first Place: John Maver – $150,000
second Place: John Homann – $63,000
third Place: David Szetho – $35,000
2003 Crown Australian Poker Championship
In 2003, the competition kept on advancing. In the first place, the name of the occasion was marginally changed, adding the Crown marking.

The following change was in the advertising of the competition. The cycle began the earlier year with the date change, however the advertising objective was to get more global players to build the esteem and the award pools. The date change assisted with this, moving it a while preceding the World Series of Poker rather than a little while later.

2003 Australian Millions Poker Winner Peter Costa, Winner Gold Sticker

Another change was that the up front investment was expanded from $5,000 to $10,000.

The occasion occurred on January 12, 2003.

The progressions paid off as the members nearly multiplied with 122 purchase ins.

The award pool for the occasion broke the million-dollar mark interestingly and came to $1,220,000.

Players from Australia, the United Kingdom, and Austria, among different nations, took an interest.

Without precedent for the historical backdrop of the occasion, not exactly 50% of the main nine finishers were from Australia.

Another first elaborate the champ. Without precedent for the historical backdrop of the competition, the victor was not Australian. Peter Costa from the UK won the occasion.

The best three finishers were:

first Place: Peter Costa – $394,870
second Place: Leo Boxell – $225,640
third Place: Harry Demetriou – $124,102
2004 Crown Australian Poker Championship
The outcome of the 2003 occasion drove the Crown Melbourne to avoid rolling out any improvements to the 2004 competition.

It occurred on January 15, 2004, and comprised of 133 purchase ins.

The complete award pool of the occasion was $1,330,000, and the competition was won by Tony Bloom of the United Kingdom.

The main three finishers were not generally from Australia, which was one more first for the occasion.
The main three finishers and the awards won were:

first Place: Tony Bloom – $426,500
second Place: Jesse Jones – $243,700
third Place: Kenna James – $134,000
2005 Crown Australian Poker Championship
2005 was a really successful season for the occasion. The greater part of the relative multitude of players came from the northern side of the equator. Players from England, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, the United States, Sweden, the Netherlands, Canada, Italy, and Lebanon took an interest.

The occasion occurred north of three days, from January eighteenth through the twentieth, 2005.

263 players paid the $10,000 purchase in to make the biggest award pool in the competition’s set of experiences. The players competed for a pool of $2,630,000.

Poker Player Jamil Dia Sitting With Casino Chips in Front of Him, a million Text

Australian Jamil Dia won the principal prize. Without precedent for the occasion’s set of experiences, the victor brought back home a seven-figure prize.

The main three finishers were:

first Place: Jamil Dia – $1,000,000
second Place: Nike Simkin – $465,000
third Place: George Mamacas – $250,000
2006 Crown Australian Poker Championship
With the dangerous development of the competition and the progress of Australia’s most memorable WSOP champ Joe Hachem, Crown made a few increases to the occasion. Notwithstanding the Main Event, a second piece of the competition was presented, the $100,000 No Limit Texas Hold’Em Challenge. This was champ bring home all the glory and keeps on being held every year with the Main Event. This was a defining moment in the title’s set of experiences as the occasion acquired a standing globally as a “hot shot” occasion.

The champ of the $100,000 No Limit Texas Hold’Em Challenge was Indonesia’s John Juanda. He brought back home $1 million for his endeavors.

The competition expanded from three to six days and was held from January fourteenth to January nineteenth, 2006.
The Main Event saw a record-crushing 418 passages to make for a $4,180,000 prize pool.

The champ of the Main Event was Australia’s Lee Nelson.

The main three finishers were:

first Place: Lee Nelson – $1,295,800
second Place: Robert Neary – $689,700
third Place: Nenad Medic – $376,200
2007 Crown Australian Poker Championship
The 10th Aussie Millions was held from January fourteenth to January nineteenth, 2007.

The $100,000 No Limit Texas Hold’Em Challenge saw American Erick Lindgren win the $1.8 million award.

The Main Event saw another record-crushing 747 purchase ins for the occasion, carrying that year’s award pool to $7,470,000.

Denmark’s Gus Hanson won the Main Event in a year that saw just a single Australian completion in the best seven. It likewise denoted the most noteworthy completion of a lady throughout the entire existence of the occasion.

The main three finishers were:

first Prize: Gus Hansen – $1,500,000
second Prize: Jimmy Fricke – $1,000,000
third Prize: Andy Black – $700,000
2008 Crown Australian Poker Championship
From January fourteenth to January nineteenth, 2008, Crown held

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