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Fast food near me

American fast-food chains like McDonald’s, KFC, and Domino’s can be found all around the world. But many countries have their own fast-food restaurants that are popular among residents. Some of the best fast food restaurants you should consider when traveling. Dico’s is one of KFC’stop competitors in China, selling, of course, fried chicken. Along with that, menu items include nuggets, chicken sandwiches, and chicken fries. If you aren’t familiar with Jollibee by now, well, you’re missing out. Though it started out as MagnoliaDairy Ice Cream franchise in 1975, Jollibee today is known for its delicious fried chicken, sweet spaghetti, and aloha burger, along with the piping hot peach-mango pie.

The Filipino fast-food chain serves up chicken joy in over 20 countries worldwide. In Russia, soups, and kasha made to order. These classics are healthy, flavorful comfort food. Though the chain hasn’t made much success outside of Russia, it is known to be as big whereas McDonald’s is in the US. Offering Brazilian steaks at an affordable price, Giraffas is a cross between fast food and casual dining. It’s popular in Brazil and Miami, Florida, with over 350 total locations. Menu items consist of Brazilian staples like pão de queijo and feijoada as well as burgers, chicken sandwiches, and steaks. Specializing in seafood, Nordsee is the third-largest fast-food chain in Germany, right behind McDonald’s and Burger King. The chain offers a wide range of high-quality fish and shellfish, from sandwiches to meals.

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Italy may be the birthplace of pizza, but Japan is known to have some of the most unique pizzas in the world. Pizza-La is Domino’sbiggest competitor in Japan, serving up 30 different pizza-topping variations. You’re likely to find one to satisfy your pizza cravings. If you find yourself in Singapore, Toast Box is definitely where you should go for a good coffee and delicious food. Its signature plates include kaya toast with a soft-boiled egg, which is a popular Singaporeansnack or breakfast, along with curry chicken,nasi lemak, and laksa. Specializing in Portuguese African food, Nando’s has taken many countries by storm. The chain was founded in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1987 and is now in over 20 countries worldwide and wildly popular in places like the UK. The secret is the Peri-Peri sauce, which is also available at grocery stores in many countries.

The mixture of flavors and spices on the chicken makes Nando’s a place that customers continuously come back to. With over 1,300 locations, Lotteria is South Korea’s fast-food restaurant. The user-friendly kiosks let you surf through the many menu items, like the shrimp, bulgogi, and mozzarella burger. The shake-shake fries offer a great personal touch because you get to choose your seasoning. Before McDonald’s was White Castle, the first fast-food hamburger chain in the US, opened in 1921. Popularly known from the Harold and Kumar film, the slider-sized burgers are sold at locations mostly on the East Coast and in the Midwest, as well as retail stores. Goody’s Burger House is one of Greece’s most popular fast-food restaurants. It offers three types of burgers: classic, extreme, and Angus.

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And you’re able to add or take off any toppings you would like. So the next time you travel, engulf yourself in not only the street food. Let us know in the comments what your favorite chain is. And which of these have you tried?

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the fact this food does more harm to your body than you can imagine. From Diabetes, Heart Diseases, Obesity to Fatigue and many more, Tooth Decay: What does that burger and fries, you had last week have in common with the large pizza you’re craving now? They’re loaded with starch. Starch tends to stick to your teeth and stay there for a long time. If you don’t brush or floss after having this, these food particles can settle there. This means a feast for bacteria in your mouth. This bacterial concentration leads to infection, and eventually, tooth decay. Bacterial settlement in your teeth also forms plaque and tartar, which give way to gum disease or gingivitis.

Fatigue: Fatigued, sluggish, and always tired? Take a look at your diet for some clues as to why you have low energy. Eating this can truly zap your energy. These are rich in sugar which can leave you feeling drained and tired. This is because sugar sends you on a crash course. When you initially consume food with high sugar, it surges through your body and spikes your insulin. For a short while, you may feel alert and excited. But once all that added glucose is absorbed, the spike spirals down, leaving you feeling groggy and unenergetic.

Liver Damage: Eating this regularly can be highly toxic for your liver and other internal organs. Studies have shown that junk food can be as damaging to the liver as alcohol, even if you’re not overweight.


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